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Celebrate the founding of the party 96th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of company-YananRed Journey

Release date:2017-08-08    Clicks:4187 Time

【Spirit of Yanan  、Spirit of constantly striving for improvement-splendid glory 】

To celebrating the founding of the party 96th anniversary is coming and the 20th anniversary of company,28 Sanixn representatives of Party members from Jiangxi to Shaanxi Yan'an.

Yan'an is a sacred place of the Chinese revolution and a cradle of the institutions for ethnic affairsof China. "Sanxin Secretary of Party General Branch,YiXing Peng and Sanxin Deputy Secretary of Party 
General Branch,FengLian Lei,They are as leader in the group,and Lin Zhang,deputy secretary of the party general branch,organized and coordinated the journey.

The sanxin members of Party have happy Red Journey together.

Party Construction instructor,Haoqiang Huang

 Sanxin Secretary of Party General Branch/Chairman,YiXing Peng

Singing Red Song

Party lecture

The self-dependence and arduous struggle are the basic contents of the Yan-an spirits,and they are also the chief indications of the Yan-an spirits.

The early start in 1997,Sanxin continuous study and implement the party's self strengthening,tenacious entrepreneurial spirit,stand in no fear of difficulties,brave to innovate.Adhere to the ISO9000 standard high-level to create a factory,and in accordance with the law management,integrity management enterprises.

The spirit of Yanan is a great entrepreneurial spirit!
It is the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation!