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Intravenous catheter

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1.Obtains the CE, CMD certificates and gets
FDA 510(K) for premarketing approval in the USA.

2.Obtains 8 patents ZL200820137452.4, ZL200820137454.3,
ZL200820137453.9,ZL200920141850.8 ect.

Straight type IV catheter

Y type IV catheter


A.    Cannula needle instead of scalp vein set, cannula will become
more soft after it get into the blood vessels, it will floating in the blood
vessels, reducing the stimulation for the blood vesselwall and better
protect the blood vessels.

B.    Dispose the fusiform end - face of cannula, ensure the cannula
smooth surface, easy set the cannula and effectively preventing

C.    The Back blood window in the side hole, can see the back blood
in the shortest time, quickly determine whether the puncture success,
enhance the success rate of puncture.

Introduction and classification of the catheter